Tannin 201: Boost Your Wine IQ

Boost your wine IQ

Red wine

Myth:Never serve red wine with fish
Reality:"A good Pinot Noir goes brilliantly with fish," says Master of Wine and MD of Laurent-Perrier David Hesketh. "The low tannins of this grape variety don't react with the phosphates in fish, giving you a clean taste that doesn't overpower."

Myth:Never store red wine in the fridge
Reality:"The Beaujolais 2009 vintage is perfect for chilling," says Hesketh. Loire wines are also good to chill: coldness reduces their complexity, allowing them to complement a broader range of foods.

Myth:Don't disturb a red until you're ready to drink it
Reality:Store horizontally, but place upright two days before you drink says 2011 World Champion SommelierGerard Basset. "Sediment confers plenty of health benefits, but tastes bitter. It's best left in the bottle."

White wine

Myth:Put a spoon in champagne to keep the fizz
Reality:"This really doesn't do anything to help," says Basset. "There are stoppers you can buy, but simply wrapping cling film over the neck works best for longer periods – your champagne will be fine for hours."

Myth:There's no need to decant white wine
Reality:"Decanting allows oxygen in and improves taste – whatever the wine's colour," says Hesketh. "It removes astringent particles in older wines, letting you enjoy the health benefits of antioxidants without the aftertaste."

Myth:Always store white wine in the fridge
Reality:"Only chill it two hours before drinking," says Basset. Vibration and lack of humidity destroy the flavour. "It's better stored in a dark cupboard," he adds.

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