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If you’re moving to Puerto Rico with kids or already live here, great chances are you’d not only want the best education for your children, but one that’s affordable and an easy transition for your child. Puerto Rico boasts a 94% literacy rate and some of the highest college rates in the world. Education is given top priority on the island so much so that this sector receives 40% of budget spending, though much of that doesn’t actually go to the schools. 

There are over 44 universities, 1530 public schools and 570 private schools, with most located in the capital, San Juan. The primary language in most schools is Spanish, with some institutions offering English as a primary language and many that are bilingual. Public schools are free for the residents of Puerto Rico, but vary greatly in quality. They also are predominantly Spanish speaking which can be a difficult transition for kids coming from the U.S.

Below your will find a long list of the best private schools in Puerto Rico (in alphabetical order). Do you have a top school that you would like to add to the list? Please comment in the section below.

General school stats:

  • The school term starts in August through mid-December and January through late May.
  • Puerto Rico is the #25 largest school system in the United States.
  • There are 23 special education schools.
  • The student:teacher ratio of 13:1 is less than the 14:1 national average.


Located on the outskirts of San Juan, in Guaynabo, this school was founded in the Mennonite doctrine. It teaches in English with an emphasis on Spanish arts and spiritual teachings.

– If you’re looking for a private school, Perpetuo Socorro in the Miramar neighborhood is a great institution to investigate. Founded in 1921, this bilingual Catholic school offers a varied mix of courses including English, Spanish, math, science, religion, music and math. They offer elementary as well as secondary school courses and admissions begin February 11th to April 14, 2015.  Yearly tuition runs between ,500 and ,000.

English is the primary language of the Baldwin school, which offers education from PPK all the way up to 12th grade. Set on a sprawling 23 acre campus, this English language day school is located in the greater San Juan metropolitan area and boasts impressive facilities such as a swimming pool, tennis courts, outdoor courts, field house, visual and performing arts center and is even certified as a national wildlife habitat. This excellent school is known to be the most expensive on the island.

 — This unique school located in Caguas, promotes a love of science, math and technology and preps students for careers in those fields. It has gained prestige internationally in a short period of time (founded in 2008) and positioned itself as a leader in college placement for those fields. 

— Notre Dame is the largest private school in Puerto Rico, with several campuses in Caguas. Classes are offered from pre-kindergarten through high school. This Catholic school, established in 1916, has programs focusing on science and math with a wide range of extracurricular activities available.  Tuition prices and fair and students regularly receive top scores in college admission tests. 

— Founded in 1928, this Catholic bilingual school offers classes to pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. It’s focus is to prepare students for college with a solid academic foundation with knowledge of the arts, technology and a wide variety of electives and extracurricular activities. 

– Lovated in the Arecibo area, this Catholic school is one of the oldest private schools in Puerto Rico, celebrating their 8oth anniversary. It is one of the first schools to receive Middle State Association the accreditation of the outside of the U.S.

– This bilingual school in the San Juan area offers classes from 7th to 12th grades. It’s a boys-only school in Rio Piedras with top reviews. Tuition runs above ,000.

– This Catholic school for boys in Rio Piedras has a mission to develop capable, responsible Christian leaders. This is a bilingual school offers classes to boys from 7th to 12th grades and is afford-ably priced.

– A private Catholic school in Puerto Rico which began in 1963 with excellent facilities and a focus on a constructivist and humanist education. Awarded the Iberoamerican Educational Excellence Award in 2013. Tuition ranges between ,000 and ,000.

(CPS), has two campuses. The Commonwealth Campus in Hato Rey teaches 7th – 12th grade and the Parkville Campus in Guaynabo teaches PPK – 6th. This English-teaching school aims to be on the cutting-edge of education. Founded in 1952, this non-profit school with an award-winning science program and state of the art facilities. Tuition is about ,000 yearly.

is a quality English-instruction college-preparatory from PPK to 12th grade.   Providing academic excellence since 1963, Cupeyville School is a non-sectarian and co-educational school with a multicultural student community.  Cupeyville School’s student population is approximately 1,200 students and employs a combined faculty and administrative staff of approximately 135 members.  Cupeyville School recognizes the multiple learning styles and needs of its students, thereby offering Regular, Honors and Advance Placement curriculum as well as an integrated Bridges Program for students with mild learning disabilities.

– Located in the prestigious community of Dorado on Puerto Rico’s northern coast, the Dorado Academy offers classes to boys and girls from Pre-Kinder through 12th grade. This coveted school has a high tuition with an admittance fee of over 00 just to enroll.

 — Founded in 1946, this school, located in Santurce, is well known for academic excellence utilizing modern and innovative teaching methods combined with traditional practices. Its students consistently place well in college entrance tests with international college placement. 

Palmas Academy – Located in the pristine resort area of Palmas Del Mar on the East end of the island, the Palmas Academy is an English language school with an emphasis on Science and Math in its curriculum and advanced biology, computer and science labs. Tuition and fees run between ,000 and ,000.

The only English-language school with a boarding school in Puerto Rico, Robinson is backed by a vibrant history of over 100 years and is tucked away in the Condado area of San Juan. Robinson’s boarding school offers small class sizes and education that prepares kids for college. This English language boarding school in Puerto Rico teaches Spanish at all levels, and is accredited by the NCAA. Founded in 1902, they are PPK-12, and on their way to becoming the Island’s first International Baccalaureate School.

Opened in 1915. St. Johns is one of the best English language schools in Puerto Rico and is renowned for its excellent quality of education. Located in the San Juan area, St. John’s offers small class sizes and provides instruction in English at every scholastic level.  Yearly tuition ranges above ,000.

— Also well-known on the island, St. Mary’s School was established in 1987. This bilingual school offers a top level, modern curriculum and teaching methods in preschool  through 12th. St. Mary’s values critical and creative thinking, and utilizes the latest innovations and technologies in their classrooms. 

— Located in Mayaguez and established in 1973, SESO has an English immersion program to foster bilingualism in its students. This college preparatory school utilizes flexible and modern teaching methods and focuses on preparing students for top college placement in a variety of subjects. 

in Dorado – Making it to this list of top private schools in Puerto Rico is none other than TASIS in Dorado. This school offers instruction primarily in English and is affiliated with the American School in Switzerland. Located in Dorado, Puerto Rico, TASIS Dorado not only offers high quality education, but boasts some of the best physical facilities in the country, all tucked away neatly in natural surroundings. The school offers education for pre-kindergarten until grade 12.


Additional English and bilingual schools to consider:

The above mentioned are some of the top private schools in Puerto Rico that offer a high level of education.

Do you have another school to add to the list or an experience to share? Join the discussion below.



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