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How to Commute on Earth Day

Two Methods:

The first Earth Day was on April 22, 1970. It was established by a US Senator from Wisconsin in an attempt to promote clean air and water. Today, millions of people all over the world celebrate Earth Day by being more environmentally conscious: pledging to become more environmentally conscious, changing the way they commute, recycling, learning to reuse materials and more. Many companies and organizations promote a "green" commute on Earth Day. There are a number of reasons to change your commute on Earth Day, and it can help you experiment with a more permanent commuting change. Choosing a commuting method other than driving relieves traffic congestion, improves air quality and can improve your health. Learn how to commute on Earth Day.


Earth Day Commuting Planning

  1. Ask your company's human resources department if they are offering any incentives to commute differently on Earth Day.Many companies offer transportation subsidies because they are not taxed. The following are popular ways that companies promote an eco-friendly commute on Earth Day and throughout the year:
    • They replace parking subsidies with transportation subsidies. If your company gives parking spaces or other benefits to people with cars, ask what they can provide to people who take the bus or ride their bike.
    • Companies provide people who carpool, use public transit and bike with subsidies. The amount depends upon your company and your city. The US government allows companies to use pre-tax dollars on these expenses, so there is a benefit for the employer as well as employee.
    • Some companies and city programs provide emergency ride home reimbursement. This lowers the risk of you being stranded at your job in the case of an emergency. There are usually limits to how much you can spend on a cab in these situations, so get detailed information from your employer. You may also need to sign up for the program in order to be eligible.
    • They may offer a monetary or other incentive to employees who choose to change their commute on Earth Day. Some companies offer luncheons, contests and prizes to employees who choose a green commute on Earth Day. The companies increase their sustainability and social responsibility awareness by supporting eco-friendly employees.
  2. Pledge to commute in a green way on Earth Day.Enter city-wide programs or go to act.earthday.org to pledge a new commute option that day. You may want to pledge a larger goal, such as commuting in a different way 2 to 3 times a week.

Earth Day Commuting Options

  1. Walk to work.If you are 1 of the few people who live within 3 miles (4.8 km) of your office, then choose this heart-healthy option of walking to and from work. Make sure to wear supportive athletic shoes and bring a change of shoes and/or clothing with you to the office.
  2. Bike to work.Perhaps a bike commute is seen as 1 of the most popular Earth Day commutes. Like walking, it allows you to commute using your own physical power; however, a bike commute may allow you to reach an office 10 to 30 miles (16 to 48 km) away from your home.
    • Map out your bike commute before you try it. Take some time on a weekend before Earth Day to see if there is a safe route that you can travel. This is especially important if you don't ride your bike very often.
  3. Take public transportation.Leave your car at home and opt to take a bus, subway or other public form of transportation. Check in advance to see if public transportation prices are lower on Earth Day, a subsidy often provided by local governments.
    • You may need to leave a little earlier to take the bus or subway to work. Depending upon where you live, it could take 30 minutes to an hour longer.
  4. Propose and start an Earth Day carpool.Post an advertisement for the carpool 1 month to 2 weeks before Earth Day. Ask people to email you their location, so that you can map out neighborhoods, routes and how many cars are required.

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    Why is Earth Day celebrated?
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    Earth Day is celebrated because it reminds us to care for our planet by trying to clean up our water and air. It helps us to be more environmentally conscious.
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  • A green commute may include a number of these options. For example, you may be able to bike to the subway, take your bike on public transportation and bike to work when you get off. Check to see if your bus or subway allows bikes during commuting hours.
  • Light, collapsible bikes are now available for people who want to commute with their bike on public transportation. They can also be easily stored at the office.

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