Poor Kid Attempted To Make Sparkling Wine With A SodaStream Machine

How to SodaStream Wine

Two Methods:

A Sodastream is a kitchen gadget that you can use to carbonate water. Although the instructions warn against using the SodaStream with other liquids, many people still use it to make other types of carbonated beverages, including wine. While it is possible to carbonate wine, you need take certain precautions, otherwise you might end up with a disastrous mess.


Carbonating the Wine

  1. Set the SodaStream in an easy-to-clean area.A large sink or bathtub will work the best. This way, if your first batch ends in a fountain of fizz, it will be easier to clean up.Alternatively, you can work outside.
  2. Fill the bottle partway with white wine.Lift the handle of the SodaStream and unscrew the bottle. Pour your wine until it is just below the line. You want to leave extra headspace to allow for carbonation. Reinsert the bottle once you have it filled and close the handle.
    • How much wine you use depends on the size of the bottle in your model. In general, plan on using about 3 cups (750 milliliters) of wine.
    • While it is possible to carbonate red wine, you will have more success with white wine, which is more similar to water than red wine in terms of consistency and sugar content.
  3. Reinsert the bottle.Tuck the bottle back under the SodaStream. Screw it back in, then slowly lower the handle. Make sure that the bottle is screwed in securely. If it isn't, the pressure will escape and it won't carbonate properly.
  4. Gently pulse the button to carbonate the wine.Slow and steady does it. Do not press and hold the button to stream the wine, otherwise you risk it exploding. Instead, lightly tap the button a few times, carbonating the wine a little bit at a time.
    • You'll know when the wine is done when the SodaStream makes a buzzing sound. This should take less than a minute.
    • Watch for overflow. If the bubbles start to come too close to the top of the bottle, stop, and wait for the bubbles to die down before pressing the button again.
  5. Lift the handle and unscrew the bottle slowly.Do not unscrew it all the way--if you do, you'll get a similar reaction to when you open up a shaken bottle of soda. Loosen the bottle first, allow for the pressure to drop, then unscrew it the rest of the way.
    • If the bubbles start to fizz up again, stop and let them die back down again before continuing.
  6. Taste the wine.Pour some wine into a glass and give it a taste. Is it fizzy enough? If not, you can try screwing the bottle back into the SodaStream and fizz it longer. If that doesn't work, simply fizz it longer the next time you make it.

Taking Precautions

  1. Be aware that the process may damage the SodaStream.SodaStreams have a warning that clearly states not to use anything but water. Using another liquid, such as wine, may cause an explosion and damage the SodaStream. This can also void any warranty that you may have placed on it.
    • The explosion can be as simple as lots of fizz flowing out of the bottle. It can also be as extreme as the (glass) bottle shattering.
  2. Be prepared for a mess.Regardless of how careful you are, you will be working with a carbonated beverage under pressure. Much like opening up a shaken bottle of soda, the wine will fizz up. Depending on how much you carbonated it, there will be some degree of overflow. This may stain some surfaces.
    • Work outside, on an easy-to-clean counter, or in a large sink. You can also lay down a plastic tablecloth or plastic bag under the SodaStream.
  3. Have realistic expectations regarding taste.SodaStreamed wine is not the same as real sparkling wine. It may have bubbles in it, but it will not taste the same as the real deal. SodaStreamed wines tend to taste more acidic.Also, SodaStreaming will not improve the taste of bad wine. If you start off with bad-tasting wine, you won't magically get good-tasting sparkling wine.
    • Real sparkling wine is carbonated through a second fermentation process. This will give you a different taste compared to carbonating through a SodaStream.
    • You don't have to use the most expensive white wine. In fact, because of the overflow and waste, it is not recommended that you do so.
  4. Use a SodaStream with a plastic bottle and a large CO2 canister.There are different models of SodaStreams. When it comes to working with wine, there is a slight chance of the bottle exploding, so a plastic bottle would be safer. It would be even better to use something that lets you customize the level of carbonation.
    • The SodaStream Dynamo seems to work especially well.

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  • Clean the machine immediately after using it. The longer you let the wine sit in it, the harder it will be to clean.
  • The more headspace you leave, the better, especially when you are starting out.
  • If you see too many bubbles forming, stop and wait for them to die down before continuing. If you don't the wine may overflow like shaken soda.

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