Jalalabad afghanistan جلال اباد 2018

Jalalabad in Afghanistan

Jalalabad in Afghanistan

The Dalton Highway in Alaska

This road has a 240 mile stretch without any kind of road-side services.

The Atlantic Road in Averoey, Norway

A large wave crashes over the Atlantic Road in Averoey, Norway. Berit Roald/Reuters

A bridge on Norway's Atlantic Road is so steep and curvy that from some angles it seems to simply end. On a stormy day, gusts of wind and huge waves crash over the barricades and onto unsuspecting cars winding over the narrow bridge.

The North Yungas Highway in Bolivia

A bus takes a curve along the North Yungas highway. Reuters

The Stelvio Pass in Italy

The Stelvio Pass has 48 sharp turns in total.

Stelvio Pass snakes 9,000 feet uphill with 48 sharp turns into the Italian Alps. Don't let the stunning Alpine views distract you though, as there is only a low concrete barrier between you and the steep mountain drop.

The Guoliang Tunnel in China

The Guoliang Tunnel was hand carved.

The Widow-Maker in the United Kingdom

Confusing signs on the UK's "widow-maker."

The Vitim River Bridge in Siberia

Vitim River Bridge has no guard rails. Nail Asfandiarov / Shutterstock

This wooden bridge is so narrow it's barely wide enough for one car. It also doeasn't have railings. To top it off, the bridge is also iced over for most of the year thanks to Siberia's chilly climate.

Needless to say, surviving this crossing is considered a huge accomplishment. The few who have done it even created their own Facebook page to celebrate it.

Skipper's Canyon Road in New Zealand

This gravel road requires a special permit just to drive it. ChameleonsEye / Shutterstock

Skipper's Canyon Road is so dangerous that motorists must Rental car insurance won't be honored if they find that you have driven it.

The winding, barrier-less gravel road was carved by miners in the late 19th century, and it's so narrow that you might find yourself in trouble if you come face to face with another vehicle.

The Zoji Pass in India

Landslides occur fairly often on the Zoji Pass. Rajeev Rajagopalan / Shutterstock

The Karakoram Highway, between China and Pakistan

The highest motorway in the world. khlongwangchao / Shutterstock

At over 16,000 feet, the Karakoram Highway is one of the highest paved roads in the world.

Close to 900 construction workers died while constructing what is often referred to as the "eighth world wonder," killed during blasts or by falling into a gorge.

Highway 1 in Florida

A deadly stretch on Florida's Highway 1. FloridaStock / Shutterstock

The Million Dollar Highway in Colorado

No guardrails in sight on Colorado's Million Dollar Highway . Jay Krishnan / Shutterstock

The I-45 in Houston, Texas

I-45's most dangerous stretch is through Houston. Trong Nguyen / Shutterstock

The coast roads in Croatia

The coast roads in Croatia cling to the side of cliffs. LianeM / Shutterstock

The Adriatic coastal roads are known for their narrow two-way roads that lack a shoulder and safety barriers, and have blind corners and sharp turns that cling to the cliff side.

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Jalalabad in Afghanistan
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