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jumbo box braids styles
Big Box Braids Styles We Love Standard box braids tend to be on the skinnier side, but thicker versions of this protective hairstyle offer up a slightly different way to wear the look. Big box braids can be up to a couple of inches wide, giving you a more bold...
crochet braids hairstyles
40 Crochet Braids Hairstyles | Crochet Hair Inspiration Crochet braids made a huge debut in 2019 and it looks like they are not going out of style anytime soon. Hardly a new style, the resurgence in popularity of crochet braids — also known as latch hook braids —  is partly thanks...
Short Box Braids Hairstyles
Short Box Braids Hairstyles Ideas Because box braids often use hair extensions, there are tons of ultra long versions of the style floating around. But this protective style can also be worn in a bunch of shorter styles that are bouncy, fun, and face flattering. Some of the advantages to...
Best Hair For Crochet Braids
Best Hair For Crochet Braids | Crochet Hair Brands Guide So what is the best hair to use for crochet braids? If you're looking for a protective style that can give you big, full hair in a relatively short installation time, crochet braids are your new best friend. They provide a number...
25 Natural Hair Protective Styles Being natural is not a trend or a new craze but a culture. With natural hair, you will learn something new with every style and product that you try. Finding styles that will not cause damage or breakage to your natural hair can be difficult. There...
Ombre Crochet Curls
Crochet Hairstyles With Curly HairCrochet braids are not a new style. They have been popular since the stylish days of the 90’s. Since the resurgence of the natural hair movement, protective styles like crochet braids have been reignited and gained a loyal following. Crochet braids , despite their name, can vary...
individual braids styles
Single Braids Styles Whether you're looking to take a break from styling your natural hair daily or you want an instantly long and versatile look, individual braids are one of the most popular protective styles. With added extensions for extra color and length, your imagination is the only limit to...
Micro Braids
35 Micro Braids Hairstyles Braids are one of the most popular ways to wear natural hair because they come with nearly endless possibilities. In a sea of incredible braiding options, micro braids may be the most versatile of all. These super skinny braids are thin enough to do in intricate...
Twist Hairstyles: Twist Braided Hairstyles for Black Women Twists is a style that has been around basically forever. In the early 2000's they became very mainstream, seeing them styled in a more complex fashion on the heads of little kids and even celebrities. Now that they are widely popular you can...
30 Senegalese Twist Styles If you're looking for a protective hairstyle that keeps your natural locks safe while giving you lots of styling versatility, Senegalese twists offer high-shine hair that can be worn a ton of different ways.

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