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Wyoming: debt consolidation

Wyoming: 'debt consolidation'

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  • From Utah to Pennsylvania, people across all 50 states search for money-related terms like "student loans" and "property tax" to research their financial options.
  • In the last 12 months, searches for "tax bill" are up 1,000% and searches for "certificate of deposit" (CD) have increased as interest rates are on the rise.
  • Here are the most "Googled" money terms in each state and various cities, including District of Columbia.

Have you ever turned to the internet for help making a financial decision or managing your money? If so, you're not the only one, according to our recent study of online searches.

We wanted to see what money questions people are Googling and how those queries vary from state to state and city to city. We also included the District of Columbia in our research.

To find out what Americans are searching for, we collected and analyzed results for popular money-related search terms, from getting a credit card to managing retirement accounts. Here's what we found.

Key findings

Using Google Trends, we found that a few money-related search terms have become more popular throughout the US in the past 12 months.

The most-Googled money term in each state

Through our Google Trends analysis, we found that money-related queries can and do vary across the nation. In some states, online users are focused on their debt; in others, they look ahead to save for retirement. And some states' residents are focused on scraping by.

Even within a state, the financial topics users Google vary by city and metropolitan area. While Angelenos worry about their debt, for instance, people in San Francisco search for investment- and tax-related terms.

Below are the full results of our analysis of the personal finance-related search terms we researched. You can find the most-searched money topics in your city or state and see how you compare to others in your area.

They reveal what financial questions people in your area have or what money moves they're preparing to make. Maybe you have the same questions, or perhaps you're already well-informed about that aspect of managing your finances.

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Wyoming: debt consolidation
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Watch Wyoming: debt consolidation video

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